FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16 2016 By Darrell Etherington

Facebook fights back against fake news, Mario is great on iOS and another sign that future generations will probably never own their own vehicle. It's The Daily Crunch for December 16, 2016. And if you're hungry for some tasteless goop, I've got great news for you.

1. Facebook adds fake news fighting tools

Facebook is making good on CEO Mark Zuckerberg's previously announced plan to fight fake news, with a suite of tools introduced yesterday, including third-party fact-checking from organizations including Snopes, and the Associated Press.

The tools also include easier reporting tools for users. Hopefully, all of this combined results in a Facebook that's a bit more factual by default, but I'm very curious to see what impact this might have on FB user engagement, and how that will impact the social network's treatment of this kind of content.

2. Super Mario is ready to run on iOS

Nintendo's first big main franchise game for mobile is out, and the single-tap platformer is a heck of a lot of fun. Take it from Brian, or take it from me – I have an embarrassingly high number of Toads in my Mushroom Kingdom. Yes I know how that sounds.

3. Oracle CEO Safra Catz joins team Trump

Another day, another big tech executive joining Trump's side. This time it's Oracle CEO Safra Catz, who attended Trump's tech exec symposium earlier this week. No real details yet, but one reason all these tech powerhouses are signing up to help Trump in some capacity might be that they realize he's probably pretty easy to manipulate, and could therefore further their own agendas with a direct line to the President-elect.

4. Evernote's walking back that bad privacy policy

Evernote had been planning to change its privacy policy to allow staff to read user content, a move it said would help the company improve its machine learning tech. That's still not really a good excuse, so due to user furor, they're doing an about-face. Evernote still wants to be able to read content to improve its services, but now that will happen only if a user actually opts in.

5. Soylent returns

The Slimfast of the coding era has returned! If you had been enduring the pain of eating real food, you can now safely return to your diet of colourless slurry.

6. Investors aren't thrilled about Yahoo's bad moves

So you probably heard about Yahoo's big 1 billion-strong hack, but you may not have heard that it might be putting Verizon's acquisition of the Internet co. pioneer in jeopardy. We don't know anything more, really, despite being owned by Verizon via AOL, but this definitely looks like a huge, ridiculous mess for all involved.

7. Mercedes gets into the Groove

Car companies are trying to predict what comes next after ownership, and Mercedes thinks car-sharing might be part of that picture. The company launched Croove, a peer-to-peer car rental network, as a pilot in Munich today. Surprisingly, it's open to all car makes and models. A clear sign that carmakers know better than anyone else that individual vehicle ownership is nearing its end.